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How Prophesies Can Disable You to Be Yourself

In the name of prophesying, we often talk people out of their ability to just be themselves and live normal lives.

You’re going to shake nations, and stand before Kings and Queens…No one will be able to stand against the words you speak…signs and wonders will follow you all the days of your life, and God is going to bring you into nations where the Gospel has never been, blah, blah, blah…

What happens to that young man once he’s become a husband and a father, and needs to work for a living in order to keep a roof over his kids heads and food on the table?

When he finds that his life does not match up with the unattainable epic words spoken over him, he’ll become discontent and disappointed with life…

…suddenly, his wife and children look to him like hindrances to him walking out his destiny, or, worse yet, they become mistakes that he made that aborted the will of God for his life. Not only he, but his whole family will suffer.

He’s misarable, and they are mistakes.

In this video:

  • How prophecies can disable you to be yourself and cause your whole family suffer.
  • How you can speak greatness over people without potentially disabling them.
  • How important it is to know your identity in Christ.

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