Sharing God's grace to walk in fullness of identity and power

Who else wants to enjoy life in Christ and get things done?

What if you could get rid of guilt and condemnation once for all and enjoy your life to the fullest?

What if there is more to your Christian life than going to church and devoting yourself to more “spiritual” disciplines in order experience God and make a difference in the long run?

What if there was a way to continuously experience God in the midst of your busy life?

I Was Amazed With What I Discovered

While teaching my first seminars, I’ve put people more into bondage then setting them free by parroting religious baloney that people I learned from spewed as truth.

Then, I realized something huge…

…what was my BIG discovery?

That 90 % (could be higher) of the teachings we hear today is religious mumbo-jumbo – it’s a mixture of grace and law.

Mixing grace with law is the quickest way to a guilt trip for it promotes the idea that you are never doing enough.

No matter how much “spiritual” activities you practice, you never seem to

…prioritize God enough…

…love God enough…

…be God-focused enough….

…be balanced enough…

…or be devoted enough.

Basically, you always fall short thus you feel guilty and condemned. [Continue reading]

But Lord, Lord…I Never Knew You; Depart From Me!

Looking through the New Covenant Grace lens

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The Narrow Way Or The High Way: Are You Striving to Enter or Resting in Salvation?


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12 Myths About the Gospel of Grace: Book Review “Hyper Grace Gospel”

Hyper Grace Gospel - 12 Myths about the Gospel of Grace

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If It’s All About God And None of Me: What About Me? (part 2/2)

If It’s All About God And None of Me What About Me2

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If It’s All About God And None of Me: What About Me? (part 1/2)

If It’s All About God And None of Me What About Me

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How to Walk in Fullness of Identity: Online Training Course On The Horizon

Working on the Freedom Course

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