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You Are Not Saved To Serve God!

I bursted into tears, laying on the floor, praying that God would open the eyes of our hearts.

I just got off the phone with an elderly lady who was, like me, brought up in a legalistic church. “I have done so much for the Lord” she said. “I’ve served Him in many committees and with a lot of volunteering work for the church.”

She continued, “I’ve been busy but I wonder and realize now that I did it all the time with the attitude of working for God and serving Him and I see that it’s all in vain if you don’t know Him.”

I cried uncontrollably after I hung up. Sadness overwhelmed me as I saw another precious life being “wasted” due to dead religious works.

You are not saved to serve god 1

At the root of many dead religious works lies the idea that the Christian life revolves around what we do for Christ, that we are called to serve God. Nothing could be further from the truth. [Continue reading]

What Does Observing The Sabbath Day Look Like Under Grace? And Should You Observe It?

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The question we are going to answer in this post is: “What is the Sabbath? And is it something you need to respect as a New Covenant believer?” So we're free from the law, but what about Sabbath observance? Is there such a thing as Sunday bei … [Continue reading]

Help support missions work fast and easy [Handsfree Lighting]

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To all my Friends, I'm launching a new business selling products on Amazon to support missions work. The product I've chosen is a LED headlamp. I really need some help getting this product off the ground on Amazon. I'M GIVING AWAY 35 … [Continue reading]

Who else wants to enjoy life in Christ and get things done?

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The "How To Enjoy Life In Christ And Get Things Done" course will re-open!   (This image is for illustration purposes only. This is a digital product not a physical product, giving you immediate access to the content via an online … [Continue reading]

Should You Be Careful Not To Abuse Grace? NEVER!

Grace is not a license to sin but to grin

I'm committed to preaching the pure Gospel of grace; that means with no mixture of law. As a result I get the same typical responses of people everywhere I go. Once pure grace is preached you hear lots of “buts and brakes,” conditions and qua … [Continue reading]

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Michelle is officially DUTCH

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