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Myth Busted: Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life!

It’s myth busting time!

In this post we’ll bust two myths…

One says “sin gives the devil the right to operate in your life.”

And the other says, “the devil can have legal ground if you do something bad.”

Neither is true. In this post you’ll see why.

Myth Busted - Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life1 [Continue reading]

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What Does Church Attendance Look Like Under Grace? And Should You Attend One?

What Does Church Attendance Look Like Under Grace - And Should You Attend One2

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How Do You Abide In Christ So That You’ll Bear Much Fruit?


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Must Your Nation Return To God’s Law To Be Changed? Not In A Million Years!

Must Your Nation Return To God's Law To Be Changed - Not In A Million Years 2

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Have You Forsaken Your First Love? What Does Revelation 2:4-5 Mean?

Forsaking your first love

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The Ultimate Purpose Of Your Salvation Revealed! [It Is Not To Serve God]

You are not saved to serve god 2

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